The Brazilian Shadow of the Demon Lord community has collaborated to make a supplement expanding upon celestial and fallen angels, Nephilim, and the religion surrounding them. They all serve a genie known as the Immeasurable Lord who gains power from the purity of uncorrupted souls.

The supplement will feature a new ancestry, new paths, magic, gear & relics, creatures, and a new shadow.

We at Ra Press have been editing the supplement, adding art, and designing the layout. And it is almost done! We're aiming for a release either next week or the week after.

Keep watch here on our website or our various social media presences as we will announce the release when it is ready.

If you want to comment, shout at us, drop some ideas, or just chat. You can message us on Mastodon, send us a tweet on Twitter, message us on our Patreon, or join our Discord.