Our latest book for Shadow of the Demon Lord, Franz Havorks' Beastman Bestarium, has been released!

The book features eight new beastmen, four types of each, and twelve bosses to torment your players and the world! The diminutive Ratlings are cowardly sneaks that even the other Fomori bullies. The Ynnub are small hare-like beasts but are vicious and bloodthirsty. The anthropomorphic waterfowl Duguzz offers aquatic enemies to test the group’s mettle, while the Man-Bats rain death from above. The shapeshifting Caturwal cat-people will induce paranoia, and the Man-Apes offer a grim parody of humanity. The disgusting Swyne often hide in sewers, right underneath civilization, and the Gore-Stags introduce the concept of cavalry to the creatures!

Head on over to DriveThruRPG and grab it today: Franz Havorks' Beastman Bestarium on DTRPG

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