About Us

Ra Press was founded in 2020 by Ronny Anderssen.

We write and publish both tabletop roleplaying game community content and original content.


We’re also willing to help you make your writing into a more professional publication and publish it for you.

What we offer

  • Editing: We read through and handle any grammar issues, tighten the language, make sure it follows the standards of the RPG system, and that it is balanced, if applicable.
  • Art direction & layout: We make it look professional with fonts, make sure the art looks good, the text is readable, etc.
  • Art: We help you find art for your publication. It could be art in the Public Domain or Creative Commons art. Or it could be commissioned art. Or art from Shutterstock. You will usually need to pay for commissioned art, but it’s always up for discussion. We will make sure any public domain art or creative commons art fits the publication.
  • Marketing: We handle marketing through all our social media channels.
  • Publishing: We publish on itch.io and DriveThruRPG.

What’s the catch?

  • Royalties: Net profits of the publication are split 50/50. Net profits means after the storefront gets its cut. For example, on DTRPG, they take 35% of any sales, or 50% for community content. This means we split the remaining 65% or 50% among us.
  • Recoup: If we need to buy something for the publication, the split is switched to 70/30 until the costs are recouped. After recoup, the cut changes to 50/50. For example, if we pay for commissioned art or use art bought from a store like Shutterstock.

If this sounds interesting, contact us through one of the links below: