Heaven is advertised as the perfect sanctuary for all those pure souls. But is it truly so perfect?

Introducing a more resounding theme to angels and castes without losing the essence of Shadow of The Demon Lord. This supplement adds ancestries, traditions, paths, and other features to make your campaigns more interesting.

  • Nephilim A new ancestry representing the spawn of a celestial and a mortal.
  • Priest of Paradise Priest path for those worshipping the celestials and the Immeasurable Lord.
  • Bearer A master path tasked with spreading the word of Paradise with their gift of Grace.
  • Black Wing A master path for the champions of the Fallen, those who oppose the Immeasurable Lord.
  • Miraculous Master path for those who dedicate themselves to healing the world.
  • Oblivious Master path for the more fanatical followers of the Immeasurable Lord.
  • Grace, Miracle, & Oblivion Three new divine magical traditions.

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