Unearth secrets and explore the ruins of the past.

Grim Expeditions introduces new talents and paths for those who want to explore the lost and forgotten past of Rûl. It introduces simple rules for excavation, three shadows centered around the exploration of ancient tombs, treasure, and knowledge, new roguery talents, a new science for the Scientist, and 5 new paths:

🧭 Archaeologist Explorer: An expert path for all the Indy archaeologists out there.
🏛 Tomb Raider: An expert path for all who prefer Drake or Croft’s approach instead.
🔎 Prospector: An expert path for striking it rich by uncovering valuable minerals.
🌟 Relic Hunter: A master path that manipulates relics to their advantage.
⚒ Spelunker: A master path for expeditions in the dark underworld of Rûl.

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