Disguised. Deadly. Disgusting. Dire. Doom!

Franz Havorks' Beastman Bestarium introduces eight new beastmen, each with four subtypes, and twelve bosses to torment your players and the doomed world of Shadow of the Demon World!

  • Ratlings: diminutive cowardly sneaks that even the Fomori bullies.
  • Ynnub: small hare-like creatures, but vicious and bloodthirsty.
  • Duguzz: aquatic waterfowl beastmen to test the group’s mettle.
  • Man-Bats: blasphemous flying anthropomorphic bats.
  • Caturwal: shapeshifting cat-people that will most certainly induce paranoia
  • Man-Apes: offering a grim parody of humanity.
  • Swyne: disgusting boar-men hiding in the sewers underneath the cities.
  • Gore-Stags: centauresque stags that introduce the concept of cavalry to the Fomori.

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